We Love Data. We Love Our Users.

We discovered a problem with analytics tools back in 2009. They were all pretty fancy but were often unnecessarily complex and unfit for many end users.

So we created a company with a simple mission: Help people fall in love with data. After connecting with hundreds of like-minded users,  we released our first contribution to the world, Ptengine. The reception affirmed everything. People blogged about Ptengine for fun, formed communities, helped at events and hung out at our offices.  Companies were thriving all because of easy-to-use data!

Since then, we've understood that a user-friendly approach is the only way to help companies succeed with their data. And it's with that in mind that we built our second product, Datadeck!

We Love Our Customers —— They love Us

"Dudeeeee loving this already man. With Zapier this thing will be unstoppable"

Chris Gonzalez, Founder, Chris Gonzalez

"Just my 2 cents after using a couple weeks... Love what you guys are doing!"

Johnny Knox, 

Director of Relationships Opportunities Now

"Goodbye tediousness, hello productivity. Thank you Datadeck."

Moses Isaacian, Consultant, 


"I really like what you guys are doing, so would love to stay with DataDeck!!"

Jesse Estein, Founder, Commerce Garrage

"Hello, Datadeck. I've been waiting

 for u..."

Sandro Jazzar, Co-Founder, Shababeek

"Wow. This simplifies life so much"

Ashwini Sriram, Product Manager, Paypal

"Thank you for this! Absolutely awesome."

Natalie Akers, Marketing Manager, Road Trippers

"<3 this"

Breton Novelli, Digital Strategiest, BretonNovelli.com

"Very cool guys, i love it. especially the integrations for data sources."

Kirollos M. Dawod, Design Team Lead, Souq.com

150K  Users

180  Countries

3  Offices


Bank of America Plaza,

Seafirst Fifth Avenue Plaza,

800 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4100

Seattle, 98104  


Yushin Building 8F, 3-27-11 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002


Haidian District, Beijing on the

East Road 35, YiQuanHu Office

Room 1-222

Walking hand in hand with data users across the globe.

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